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Natural Health Practitioner


EFT Practitioner

ph360 Coach

I love doing my best to help all those who join us. Improving health is what I am passionate about. I am dedicated to working with people who share my
enthusiasm for improving their health. I am interested in healing from the deepest
perspectives that encompasses all aspects of our being – spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical.

My primary expertise is in natural healing such as homeopathy - work I have been enjoying for over 20 years. Homeopathy is about getting to know you as best I can to find a remedy that best matches what is going on in your life and with your health. I love jigsaws and finding the right match between you and the remedy is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The more you can share yourself with me the more chance I have of finding the right remedy.

I am a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). I am a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (IBLM). In addition to Homeopathy, my areas of expertise include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), spirituality, lifestyle approaches, nutritional supplements, and essential oils. I am currently training as a ph360 coach; ph360 is about providing personalised health and lifestyle recommendations. It draws on multiple strands of wisdom in research including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. One aspect in particular that I love about ph360 is chronobiology- which refers to optimising health by considering the timing of the day for different activities for each body type.

Whatever is going on with your health please keep us informed - we like to receive the good news as well as hear about your problems. We encourage you to contact us promptly for an appointment whenever there is something you think we may be able to help you with – or anything you’re not sure of how best to help.

While I love my work, I also want to be a healthy well-rounded person, which includes enjoying time with my grandchildren, my faith community and Aikido.

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Natural Health Practitioner


Holistic Nutrition

I originally trained and worked as a Practice Nurse and Homeopath for ten years before moving solely into holistic health. Collaborating with people to optimise health and wellbeing holistically is one of my favourite things to do, how lucky to have that as my profession! We have so many great homeopathic remedies, supplements and different healing modalities we can use to get health improvements. I am ACNEM certified, have completed MINDD practitioner training and MAPS clinician training. I am also trained in  supervision (bicultural), where I get to support professionals in their work, life, and career journey.  

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Practice Manager

Field Worker - Kidz Need Dadz

I work in several roles; teaching part-time at Kapiti College, managing the Practice and working to support families in crisis.  I am the field worker for Kidz Need Dadz (Wellington).  We work alongside separating couples, children, and their wider families. 


I provide separation counselling, parenting plans, dispute resolution and supervised contact services.  My goal is to assist separations to be more peaceful enabling clients to successfully rebuild their lives and be better parents.



Practice Administration


I work in the office as receptionist and administration officer.  Please feel free to call, or come in and see me about administrative matters.  I am especially keen to help you with MyIndici queries, to enable you to access your health records online.

My background is in Massage, Reflexology and Administration.

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Practice Administration


I love working in NHR’s office where I get to interface with the awesome locals of our community.

My job is to make things easy for you when you need appointments and supplements or just have general enquiries.

I have a background in frontline reception and exec assistance and most recently I have served the Kapiti community as a Yoga practitioner.