The Team

Here is some information about each of us.

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Medical Practitioner

Lifestyle Medicine

I graduated with my MBChB from Otago University in 2012. I previously worked at
Gisborne Hospital and then completed research creating a community-based lifestyle
intervention using whole foods plant-based nutrition, which was published in Nutrition
& Diabetes. In my final year of medical school, I studied and worked in Santa Rosa,
California, as an intern for Dr John McDougall at the McDougall Health & Medical
Centre and also alongside Dr Michael Klaper & Dr Alan Goldhamer at the True North
Health Centre.

I am a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Australian
Society of Lifestyle Medicine. I am the first New Zealander to be Board Certified by the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine. I also have a background in Psychology, completing a bachelor’s degree at Victoria University and Masters at Otago University before training in medicine. I have special interests in plant based nutrition and lifestyle medicine – the use of therapeutic lifestyle changes to treat, prevent and reverse disease.

In my spare time I like to talk about food, eat food & taste wine.




Uniquely qualified in both chiropractic and medicine, although I remain registered in the latter, I do not hold a medical practicing certificate, preferring to work in areas that fall through the medical cracks and have instead chosen a path involving lifestyle health.


Graduating in medicine at age 64, passing on the way my US medical exams and those of the NZ Medical Council and facing an extended training period in the hospital and with 6 children and a team of grandkids, my wife and I decided that the stress of medical practice wasn’t worth it. In the light of recent research, my professional interests have shifted more into studying and using laser and near-infrared-photobiomodulation in treating an ever increasing range of conditions.

More recently, I have taken up using trans auricular vagus nerve stimulation- which is set to become a major treatment option for a whole raft on conditions. Stimulating this nerve effects many areas in the brain and down into the chest and abdomen. Conditions include migraine, epilepsy, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia and in fact anything where inflammation plays a factor. Possibly, most significant of all, is its anti-aging potential, due to counteracting over stimulation of the
sympathetic nervous system – a system that becomes more prominent with aging, and responsible for much of the low grade chronic inflammation related to the diseases of older age.

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Medical Practitioner

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trainer

I completed my medical degree from the University of Otago in 1988.  

I have experienced a diverse medical career with stints in family planning, general practice, medical research, medical administration and travel medicine; alongside being mother to three now grown children.  


Currently my other medical role is a Senior Medical Advisor at our country’s medicines regulator MEDSAFE. The goal of my work at Medsafe is promoting the safe and appropriate use of medicines based on an objective assessment of the evidence.  

At Natural Healing Raumati I like to use my evidence-based focus to ensure that those choosing to use prescription medicines are able to use them well.  Where pharmaceuticals are not the best available treatment, I enjoy fully discussing other options.  I provide support for lifestyle changes and psychological approaches to healing.  I am particularly keen to assist patients who wish to follow a safe and supported path of reducing reliance on prescription medicines.  

It is my privilege to use my training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to train those who are interested to improve physical and psychological health, to increase psychological flexibility and resilience, and to live full and meaningful lives.  

My personal interests include nature and conservation, gardening and bush walking, machine knitting, philosophy and literature. 



Medical Practitioner


EFT Practitioner

I love doing my best to help all those who join our Practice. Improving health is what I am passionate about. I am dedicated to working with people who share my
enthusiasm for improving their health. I am interested in healing from the deepest
perspectives that encompasses all aspects of our being – spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical.

My primary expertise is as a GP homeopath, work I have been enjoying for over 20
years. Homeopathy is about getting to know you as best I can to find a remedy that
best matches what is going on in your life and with your health. I love jigsaws and
finding the right match between you and the remedy is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The more you can share yourself with me the more chance I have of finding the right remedy.

I am a member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM). I am a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician (IBLM). In addition to Homeopathy and General Practice, my areas of expertise include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), spirituality, lifestyle approaches, nutritional supplements, essential oils and prescriptions including intravenous nutrients and bio-identical hormones. I am currently training as a ph360 coach; ph360 is an epigenetic platform providing personalised health and lifestyle recommendations. It draws on multiple strands of wisdom in research including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Whatever is going on with your health please keep us informed - we like to receive the good news as well as hear about your problems. We encourage you to contact us promptly for an appointment whenever there is something you think we may be able to help you with – or anything you’re not sure of how best to help.

We work as a team at Natural Healing Raumati, including three part-time doctors and three part-time homeopaths. My routine appointments are generally booked up three to six months in advance. I am usually away for a conference or seminar most months. While I love my work, I also want to be a healthy well-rounded person, which includes enjoying time with my grandchildren, my church and my Aikido club.

I’m delighted that the Practice has a broad range of practitioners to help meet your needs.



Practice Nurse


Holistic Nutrition

I am so privileged to work alongside the wonderful practitioners here at Natural Healing Raumati.  In my position as Practice Nurse I support our team, as well as working with patients on optimising their health. 


This year I am starting my study towards becoming a Nurse Prescriber so that I can better serve our practice when prescriptions are needed alongside all the other wonderful options we have to offer.  I love using homeopathy for getting unstuck on the mental/emotional level, as well as the physical, for a holistic approach to wellness.  


With all the great supplements, nutrition and lifestyle tweaks that we can make, I enjoy collaborating with the people that I get to see to integrate a plan for moving forwards. 




The inspiration to become a Homeopath came from my family when I was quite young. In my childhood I witnessed my mother falling sick and often needing to spend a lot of time in hospital, which was distressing for me.

Coincidentally my brother had just begun his homeopathic training, and with the help of his teachers, he started giving her homeopathic remedies which proved beneficial. 

Since then I have been witnessing miracles with homeopathy.

My homeopathic journey started in 2006, joining a Homeopathic University in India.

After finishing my training in 2012, I practiced for 5 years in India before deciding to move to New Zealand.

After making sure I could practice as a Homeopath in NZ, I registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopathy as an RC Hom (Registered Clinical Homeopath) in 2017 and have been practicing here since. I have been an executive member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths since 2019.

I am continuing to expand my knowledge, mostly around diet and nutrition. I find that nutrients pay a vital role in maintaining good health, and there is always more to learn. 

I am a motivated, adrenalin junkie, and a gym freak myself - I love going for long walks, marathons

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Practice Manager

Field Worker - Kidz Need Dadz

I work in several roles; teaching part-time at Kapiti College, managing the Practice and working to support families in crisis.  I am the field worker for Kidz Need Dadz (Wellington).  We work alongside separating couples, children, and their wider families.  Kidz Need Dadz is moving from Natural Healing Raumati in April 2020 because our rooms here are so full so I will be about less.


I provide separation counselling, parenting plans, dispute resolution and supervised contact services.  My goal is to assist separations to be more peaceful enabling clients to successfully rebuild their lives and be better parents.



Practice Administration


I began working at Natural Healing in May 2019 after moving to Kapiti from
Brisbane. I’m so grateful to have found a team of such positive and supportive coworkers who have helped me learn the ropes here in the office, along with expanding my knowledge around holistic health options.

I love being able to come in to work and learn something new each day whilst being surrounded by such a wholesome team of practitioners, and our patients -who are essentially an extension of our NHR whanau.



Practice Administration


I work in the office as receptionist and administration officer.  Please feel free to call, or come in and see me about administrative matters.  I am especially keen to help you with MyIndici queries, to enable you to access your health records online.

My background is in Massage, Reflexology and Administration.